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Fourth DHPC on Ketoprofen - Important Safety Information from A.Menarini Pharmaceuticals as approved by the Irish Medicines Board

07 December 2011

Important Safety Information from A. Menarini Pharmaceuticals on risk minimisation measures for ketoprofen-containing topical formulations.

Important Safety Information - Ketoprofen

Note that this is the fourth DHPC from A.Menarini Pharmaceuticals on this issue as part of a commitment to continued risk minimization as agreed with the EMA; the first DHPC on Ketoprofen-containing topical formulations was issued in August 2010; the second DHPC on Ketoprofen-containing topical formulations was issued in December 2010; the third DHPC on Ketoprofen-containing topical formulations was issued in July 2011.

Date Printed: 21 April 2014

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