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Human Medicines Products List

Please note that the product information provided on the Irish Medicines Board website reflects a copy of the Summary of Product Characteristics and package information leaflet for a medicine, which outline the conditions under which the medicine should be used and information on its known safety.

It is important to note that this information may be updated several times within its shelf life, and that there could be differences between the version of the information shown here and other information in the public domain. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, it is not possible to guarantee that it is complete, accurate and up-to-date. If errors are brought to our attention, we will investigate them immediately. The product lists are made available for information purposes only.

If a patient or has any questions about a medicine they are taking they should contact their doctor or pharmacist. Patients should not stop taking any prescribed medicines without first speaking to a healthcare professional. Suspected adverse reactions to a medicine can be reported to us on the Human Medicine -Adverse Reaction form

This list was last updated on 18 April 2014.


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Trade Name Licence Holder Licence Number
HAEMACCEL SOLUTION FOR INFUSION 17.5g/500m Solution for Infusion Piramal Healthcare UK Limited  PA1603/001/001 
HAEMOPRESSIN 1 Pdr+Solv for Soln for Inj IS Pharmaceuticals Limited  PA1530/001/001 
HALAVEN 0.5 Solution for Injection Eisai Ltd.  EU/1/11/678/001-002 
HALCION 250 Tablets Pfizer Healthcare Ireland  PA0822/129/001 
HALCION 125 Tablets Pfizer Healthcare Ireland  PA0822/129/002 
HALDOL DECANOATE 50 Solution for Injection Janssen-Cilag Ltd  PA0748/021/001 
HALDOL DECANOATE 100 Solution for Injection Janssen-Cilag Ltd  PA0748/021/002 
HALF BETA PROGRANE 80MG PROLONGED-RELEASE CAPSULES 80 Prolonged Release Capsules Tillomed Laboratories Limited  PA0644/001/002 
HALF SINEMET CR 25/100 Tablet Prolonged Release PCO Manufacturing  DPR0465/009/003 
HALF SINEMET CR 25/100 Tablet Prolonged Release IMED Healthcare Ltd.  DPR1463/029/006 
HALF SINEMET CR 25/100 Tablet Prolonged Release Merck Sharp & Dohme Ireland (Human Health) Limited  PA1286/009/001 
HALF-INDERAL LA 80 Prolonged Release Capsules Imbat Limited  PPA1151/157/001 
HALF-INDERAL LA 80 Prolonged Release Capsules AstraZeneca UK Limited  PA0970/011/001 
HALOPERIDOL INJECTION BP 5MG/ML 5 Solution for Injection Mercury Pharmaceuticals (Ireland) Ltd  PA0073/101/001 
HARMONET 75/20 Coated Tablets Pfizer Healthcare Ireland  PA0822/066/001 
HARPADOL 435 Capsule Laboratoires ARKOPHARMA  TR1450/001/001 
HARTMANN'S Solution for Infusion Fresenius Kabi Limited  PA0566/030/005 
HARTMANN'S Solution for Infusion Fresenius Kabi Limited  PA0566/030/001 
HARTMANN'S Solution for Infusion Fresenius Kabi Limited  PA0566/030/002 
HARTMANN'S Solution for Infusion Fresenius Kabi Limited  PA0566/030/003 
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Date Printed: 19 April 2014

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